Effect of Honey on some Biochemical Parameters in the Brain Tissues of Wistar Rats Exposed to Cadmium: Diakparomre, O1, Onyeukwu, O.B*1 and Asagba, S.O2
Design and Development of Petrol Engine Powered Rice Harvester: Timothy, Y.J1*, Yusuf, D.D2, Mohammed, U.S2, Isiaka, M2
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Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis on a Selected Drain in Delta Park, University of Port Harcourt: Ikebude, C.F*, Onyemachi, I.P and Onu, C.A
A New Criterion for Quantitative Comparison of Heat Retention Capacities of Different Materials: Onuche, I1*, Sobarasua, O.G2, Diemuodeke, O.E2, Muritala, I.K3 and Kuye, A1
Design and Fabrication of an Automated Locally Made Soap Extruder: Olodu, D.D*, Sylvester, F.B, Ilesanmi, A.D and Oloruntoba, S.O
Effect of Alkyd Resin Concentration on the Flexural Strength of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete: Orie, O.U1 and Ekhor, M.I2*
Mechanical Properties of Alloys and Thermoplastic Composites Derived from Non-Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste: Olodu, D.D1 and Okpoko, J.S2
Analysis of a Control System using Hurwitz Stability Criterion: 1Osubor, K.G1, Akpobi, J.A2 and Ebojoh, E3
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Performance of Hydrated Lime on the Durability of Portland Cement Concrete: Awodiji, C.T.G1* and Mohammed, G2
Assessment of Variation in the Concentrations of Air Quality Parameters between Seasons Around a Typical Flow Station in Imo State, Nigeria: Egwakhide, C1*, Ugwoha, E1,2 and Patricks-E, C1,3
Suitability of Bama Gravel Aggregate and Bagasse Ash for the Production of Medium-Grade Concrete: Kadai, B1, Muhammad, I.S1 and Waziri, B.S1
Forecasting Drought with Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model and Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI): Ibrahim, U.A1*, Mshelia, J.P1 and Muhammad, H2
Economic Evaluation of Virtual Pipeline Transport of Natural Gas to the University of Port Harcourt Ariels:, T.D.A* and Okafor, E.J
Evaluation of Compaction Methods on Some Cohesive Soils in Benin City: Kayode-Ojo, N and Oreavbiere, U.F
Modelling of Leachate-Constituent Transport in the Underlying Soil of a Waste Dumpsite: Ugwoha, E* and John, C.U
Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency of Azadirachta Indica on AISI 316l Austenitic Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution: Afabor, A.M, Omotor, O.D, Onwusa, S.C, Uyeri, C.O and Afabor, I.P
Modelling Microbial Inactivation in Water Treatment using Extracts from Stored Moringa oleifera Seeds: Onu, C.A* and Nwaiwu, N.E
Modelling Liquefied Natural Gas Vaporization Rate for Water Spills: Ezeh E.A* and Okafor E.J
Transformer Predictive Maintenance Using Artificial Intelligence: Emmanuel, A.U


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