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Development of State Transition Table Based Remote Monitoring of Process Control System Chiagunye, T*, Okozor, N, Okey, D.O and Ilo, S.F
Simulation of Ohiya Clay-Feldspar-Silica Mix for Refractory Applications Ibeh, M.I, Obi, A.I, Nwankwojike, N.B, Nwadinobi, P.C* and Lewachi, A.A
Improving Channel Capacity of Code Division Multiplexing Access Cellular Network Using Modified Least Means Square Adaptive Jaja, V.I*, Nwabueze, C.A., Akaneme, S.A., Agbaraji, C.E. and Macmammah, M
Modelling an Agent-Based Job Shop Scheduling for Makespan Optimization in a Serial-Parallel Machine Setup Chiagunye, T.T
Performance Analysis of Improved Power Allocation Model in Cognitive Radio Networks: Ehikhamenle, M* and Oborkhale, L.I
Development of Pressure Drop Correlation for Offshore Pipeline-Riser Systems Using OLGA Nnadi, C.P, Saturday, E.G* and Briggs, T.A
Characterization and Identification of Sources of Air Pollutants in Ogoni area in the Niger Delta of Nigeria Yorkor, B*, Leton, T.G and Ugbebor, J.N
Probabilistic Design of a Continuous One Way Reinforced Concrete Slab in Flexure Sule, S* and Awodiji, C.T.G
Impact of Crude Petroleum Oil and Monodora myristica on Membrane bound ATPases and Erythrocyte osmotic fragility in-vivo Okpoghono, J*, George, B.O, Achuba, F.I, Igue, U.B
Bioaccessibility of polyphenols and flavonoids in Ocimum africanum leaves extract Ugwu, E.O, George B.O, Omoike, G.O and Okpoghono, J*
A Modified Estimator for Population Parameters in the Presence of Outliers: Olayiwola, O.M*, Apantaku, F.S, Imarhia, F.O, Yusuf, K.M, Ogunsola, I.A and Olawoore, S.A
Noise Mapping of Abuja Campus of University of Port Harcourt: Ugwoha, E* and Amaibi, P.I
Evaluation of the Pollution Status of Nwondugba Stream in Obio/Akpor in Rivers State: Ugbebor, J.N*and Festus–Amadi, C
A Noninvasive Method of Hydrate Control Using Flow Rate Regulation: Odutola, T.O
Carbon Emissions Index Decomposition Analysis in Nigerian Transportation Sector: Nwasuka, N.C*, Ezirim, K.T, Ugwu, H.U, Omonini, C, Nwaiwu, U, Ugoani, A, Ekele, N.A
Determination of the Actual Size and Costs of Pipelines for CO2 Compression and Transportation Based on the CO2 Emissions from Afam IV Gas Turbines - A Review Osmond, U.O*, Inah, O.I, Nweze, N.C, Uchechukwu, N, ThankGod, E.K and Cyprian, N.N
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Performance efficiency on a space time blocks coding of next generation mobile communication Oborkhale, L, Amadi, A.O, Nwaogu, C.C and Ehikhamenle, M*
Pattern and Prevalence of Occupational Injuries in Major Oil Companies in Port Harcourt: Korie, A.U and Ugwoha, E
Parametric Analysis and Improvement of a Pelleting-Drying Machine for Small Scale Fish Feed Production Bashiru, G, Chinachi, E.A, Egwuagu, M.O and Nwankwojike, N.B
Laplace Adomian Decomposition and Navier-Stokes Modeling of Air Pollutants: Nweze, N.C*, Anthony, U, Nwachukwu, U.C, ThankGod, E.K, Nwosu, O.J, Uchechukwu, N, Nnamdi, N.C and Inah, O.I
Estimation of the remaining useful life of sensor and actuator component embedded in a complex mechanical system: Aikhuele, D.O and Ajayi, S.T
Comparative Performance Evaluation of a Natural Convection Mud Brick Solar Dryer and Open Sun Drying for Drying Cassava Ahmadu: T.O*, Ibrahim, T.K and Seriki, A.O
Development of Hydrologic Flood Routing Model for Lower River Ogun Using HEC-RAS: Olaniyan O.S, Adeyokunnu, A.T*, Adegbola, A.A, Ojo, E.O and Afolabi, L.A
Modelling the Production of Special Palm Oil from Fresh Fruit: Bunch Okafor, I.T, Olorunleke, A and Maikasuma, G.O
Errors and Stability Analysis of a New Numerical Method of Solution for Heat Conduction Equations: Babuba, S* and Moda, H.M


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University of Port Harcourt

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