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3- Layer Optimization of Supply Chain Network for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distribution in Nigeria: Nomuoja, O.C1 and Aimikhe, V.J2*
Application of Xylene for Niger Delta Crude Oil Viscosity Reduction: Ofuoku, R.O and Odutola, T.O
3D Soil Corrosivity signature and model of Delta State in Nigeria for corrosion control: Amadi, A.H1*, Ajienka, J.A2, Akaranta, O2, Ola, V.D3, Ekeoma, B.C4 and Ajayi, K.E5
Effects of grain size on the tribological performance of automotive brake pads from waste Thais Coronata shells: Ekpruke, E.Oa*, Ossia, C.Vb and Big-Alabo, Ab
Simulation of Natural Gas Processing Plant with and without Gas Leaks: Adenubi, S, Appah. D, Ani, O and Okafor, E
Estimation of Mechanical Vibration Transmissibility due to Vibration Stress Effect on the Whole Body: Ajayi, S.T1, Ogunsanya, A.O1 and Aikhuele, D.O2
Analysis and Comparison of the Three Widely Used Mobile Communication Technologies: Udo, E.U1*, Ezebuiro, I. I2 and Dimkpagu, U.M3
ter And Society and its Application in Industrial Design of Ceramics: A Review: Alewai, M.J
Application of Concurrent Triangulation for Evaluating and Strengthening the Manufacturing Sector's Impact on Economic Growth and Success: Musa, A.I1*, Kingsley-Omoyibo, Q.A2, Adesusi, O.M 2 and Musa, A.I3
Design and Fabrication of a Semi-Submersible Fish Cage for Inland Water and Offshore Applications: Agbakwuru, J.A¹* and Udosoh, N.E


Published by
Faculty of Engineering
University of Port Harcourt

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